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Frequently Asked Questions

When I upload an old photo, do I need to know the exact location?

No. One of the great features of timera is that you can pick the general location and provided your old photo is made public, other users will be prompted to see if they recognize the photo and can pick the precise location. Try it for yourself when you see photos marked with “Do you know this place?”

If I’m unsure of the copyright status or the ownership of the copyright should I upload the photo?

Absolutely not. We want to create a library of usable old photos which the community have confidence that they can create timeras from. You can upload photos that are public domain or the author has named under some of the creative commons licenses or your own work. You can even license your own work on timera using the creative commons license. Please read our terms and conditions for more details.

I can't get the old photo to completely line up with the current image.

Every camera lens distorts slightly and older lenses distort differently from the lens in your smartphone. For best results identify a part of the old photo that you want to match with the time tunnel and get that bit aligned as best you can.

My old photo has been removed from the system, why?

Timera adhere to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act safe harbor guidelines. These guidelines give us certain responsibilities when someone identifies that their work is being used without permission. In some cases we will remove work from the system when a company or an individual claim ownership. As part of the DMCA provision you can challenge any such claim.

Why are there no old photos where I live?

All the old photos that exist on timera have been uploaded by the user community. If there are none where you are please drop us a line and we’ll do our best to generate interest and therefore content in your area.